Hi-Tech Housing, Inc.

1103 S. Maple Street
Bristol, Indiana 46507
574-848-5593 / Fax 574-848-5472

Who is Hi-Tech Housing?
Hi-Tech Housing, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of custom modular and manufactured housing. From the start, Hi-Tech Housing’s goal has been to advance the manufactured housing industry into new frontiers. Hi-Tech Housing combines state-of-the-art home building products, innovations and procedures used by site-builders with the efficiencies of building a home in a factory where all aspects of construction - from framing to finishing - are monitored by experienced quality control specialists.  Hi-Tech Housing brings manufactured homes and light commercial structures to a new level of excellence and to a broader market appeal and acceptance.

Hi-Tech Housing Modular Building System . . .
Simply stated, it is the system of constructing a stick-built home within a factory. Whether it be a single family home, multi-family dwelling, or a light commercial building, Hi-Tech Housing will meet or exceed all traditional site-built construction methods.  The structures are built in a large, modern, climate-controlled construction facility. As a result, Hi-Tech products offer a number of distinct advantages to the customer.

Exceptional Design Flexibility . . .
There was a time when having a custom modular design meant the home buyer was only allowed to make color choices. This is no longer the case.  Today a variety of structures, including ranch, cape cod and two-story structures can be constructed using custom floor plans. Hi-Tech Housing offers a variety of alternatives and options with styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

Fulfilling Your Dreams . . .
Purchasing a Hi-Tech home may be experienced through a personal contact with an exclusive Hi-Tech Housing Builder. Hi-Tech Housing has a knowledgeable network of Builders experienced in completing your home on-site. From ordering your home to turn-key completion, your Hi-Tech approved Builder will ensure that your needs are met.

Hi-Tech Housing’s customer driven business philosophy gives its builders the competitive edge!
Being a Hi-Tech Housing Builder/Dealer, you can offer your customers a home of quality and design that no other manufacturer can match. Hi-Tech Housing’s singular objective is meeting the preferences and needs of your customers--achieving and maintaining their highest level of satisfaction.  With a Hi-Tech Housing home, you will enjoy --

  • The prestige of selling a home built by a recognized leader in the modular home industry.
  • The comfort and livability of a home custom designed to your customers’ specifications.
  • A home design and building process that is enjoyable and worry-free through delivery, set-up and finish.
  • The savings of time and money that result from the efficiencies and benefits of building a home in a clean, safe and protected environment.

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