Hi-Tech Housing’s Distribution Network

Hi-Tech Housing does not sell directly to homebuyers.  It functions as a subcontractor providing factory-built structures and some installation services to quality builders, general contractors and dealers in factory-built homes in the US and Canada… who make the sale to a homebuyer, prepare the building site and complete those portions of the home which are not built in the factory. 

If you are among the following, we would like to explore working with you.
• Seasoned builders of modular and prefab homes.
The breadth of Hi-Tech’s product offering may serve all your needs.  If you are already satisfied with one or more existing manufacturer relationships, but wondering how to capture all those custom requests you can’t serve now, our unique capabilities are a perfect fit.
• Traditional site-builders motivated to add off-site construction to their repertoire.
Our unique capabilities to match the designs and specifications which you know are successful in your market area are a perfect reason to consider us.
• Retailers of prefab and modular homes
• Retailers of manufactured homes
• Developers of housing subdivisions and in-fill housing specialists who also act as their own general contractor
• General contractors
• Developers of communities for manufactured homes

For additional insight into Hi-Tech’s philosophy of the proper relationship among off-site manufacturers, builders and homebuyers, we recommend that you read the “Finding a Builder” and “How we do Business” segments under the “Homebuyer” section of this web site.  What we hope shines through is our belief that (a) our proper mutual goal is the complete satisfaction of the homebuyer and that (b) homebuyer satisfaction can only be achieved when we forge a close, open and effective relationship with those builders and dealers who honor us by buying our products.   We are gratified that some of our long-term customers testify that from the moment they walk through our front door, they feel that they are part of a family, treated with respect and friendship by everyone from our receptionist to our office staff to our co-workers on the shop floor.

Our requirements for doing business with you are few, simple and logical.
• We look for broad construction knowledge and competence in execution.
• We require an orientation toward “turnkey” home building and the willingness and ability to intervene quickly to rescue homebuyers who insist on doing some work themselves.
• In the US, we require a willingness and ability to supplement our field service staff in performing warranty repairs.
• In Canada, we require a willingness and ability to perform all warranty repairs on our behalf.  In Ontario, we require that builders of some classes of our products are registered with Tarion®.
• We do not require our customers to invest in display models, but appreciate those who do.
• We do not require our customers to sell our products exclusively, but appreciate those who do.
• We do not require our customers to promote our brand through investments in signage or advertising.  In fact, we believe that our customer’s brand and local recognition is far more important than ours.
• We do not require our customers to offer for sale all of our products.
• We require evidence of a reasonable financial stability, conducting a credit review of all prospective customers.

We invite you to consider adding our products to your arsenal of construction and sales tools.  If you are new to off-site construction, we pledge to be at your side as you learn how to take advantage of this amazing approach to building.  We will assign your firm to one of our sales representatives, who will familiarize themselves with your business focus and needs, and the nature of homebuyer preferences in your local market.

Every week, our web site and our word-of-mouth reputation generate leads from potential homebuyers.  We put those in the hands of the closest distributor who sells products of that category as quickly as possible.