Our Capabilities: Aging-in-Place and Accommodating Disabilities

Hi-Tech Housing was founded to provide superior housing for seniors. “Aging-in-place” is a relatively new term for designing such homes, apartments and condominiums, but it has been a central passion of Hi-Tech Housing since 1990.

As the “baby boom” generation in the US and Canada creates a balloon in the older population cohorts and the cost of nursing home care climbs, there is a logical growing interest in housing designs and features that enable American and Canadians to remain in their homes as long as possible, which has naturally led to accommodating designs.


Terms like “accessibility” refer to wide traffic lanes that accommodate walkers and manual or motorized wheelchairs, and living areas like kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms that have adequate turning radii for wheel chairs. We work regularly with Universal Design, Americans with Disability Act requirements, Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS), the Canadian Standards Association Accessibility Standards for the Built Environment (B651) and the accessibility requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.

Another level of accommodation is achieved with equipment and fixtures designed specifically for accessibility. We can install tubs and showers designed for roll-in access, comfort-height toilets and roll-under kitchen and bathroom sinks. We can provide appliances with accessible controls. We can install cabinetry at heights convenient for wheel-chair use. We can install electrical switches and receptacles at accessible heights.

Electronic Devices

There are a number of electronic devices and furnishings that accommodate visual and hearing impairments. We can install strobe-light devices that supplement door bells, smoke detectors and CO detectors. We can install flooring that makes it easier for those with diminished vision to navigate their home.

A wide range of electronic controls and devices which have wireless connections and internet access are becoming available at increasingly affordable costs. Some systems support controlling heating systems, appliances, security devices and lighting from a portable device. There are systems that allow homeowners to initiate alerts to family or health security firms. There are now systems that utilize a variety of sensors that can detect whether an occupant may be experiencing a health problem and send an alert to family or health security firms.

If you have a single or multi-family design, or you like one of our standard designs, and want to incorporate features for aging-in-place or accommodating disabilities, our project managers and engineers will be happy to assist you.