Hi-Tech Housing – Our Capabilities: Sustainability

Interest in sustainable (also called “green”) construction has been growing rapidly for many reasons.  Its objectives are pretty simple:

  • Don’t waste energy because it’s expensive and many forms of energy contribute to undesirable climate change.
  • Don’t waste building materials and use materials that don’t require excessive amounts of energy to manufacture.
  • Don’t waste water because clean water is increasingly scarce in many areas and therefore expensive.
  • Assure good air quality in the home because clean air is important to good health.
  • Follow sustainable practices of proven value.

Hi-Tech Housing has been at the forefront of the movement toward more sustainable construction practices and has participated in internationally recognized “green” projects. 

Those projects required a combination of careful site selection, sustainable methods and materials in our factory and at the building site as well as an investment in experts.  That level of sustainability isn’t possible for every building, but the knowledge we have gained is reflected in everything we build.

Energy Efficient Buildings

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Water Conservation

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Air Quality

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Sustainable Materials

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Proven Methods & Certifications

Every building we manufacture has many sustainable features.  We can go beyond that and obtain various certifications.  Our experience with formal systems and codes for sustainable construction includes...» Read more on Proven Methods & Certifications