Hi-Tech Housing’s Experience and Capabilities

While Hi-Tech Housing’s primary expertise is wood-frame construction for structures up to four-stories in height, through sub-contract partnerships it can also provide light-gauge steel-framed structures, SIPs-panel construction and shipping-container and hybrid shipping-container structures.

Hi-Tech Housing modules can be installed on basements, crawl spaces, and concrete and masonry garages and lower levels.  Hi-Tech Housing modules can also be built on steel-supported floor systems which can be integrated into a permanent foundation suitable for temporary use or for installation in problematic conditions such as permafrost and unstable soils.  Slab-on-grade structures are possible, although it is generally more cost-effective to complete the first level of such structures on-site.

One way to understand Hi-Tech Housing’s breadth of experience is to consider the number of occupancy and use types defined in the model building codes in which we can contribute.  Follow this link to learn more: [Link:  Hi-Tech Housing Capability by Occupancy and Use Classification]

Hi-Tech Housing is a US registered contractor and has provided structures for projects of various Canadian provinces.

Hi-Tech Housing has experience with a wide range of fire assemblies and separations.  Our processes can accommodate sprinkler systems.

Hi-Tech Housing processes accommodate NM (“Romex”) electrical wiring, but also MC and EMT (rigid) cabling and conduit systems.  While our most common water-line systems are cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), we also work routinely with copper.

For large structures with basement or roof-top heating and cooling systems, the mechanical work is typically performed by others on-site.  However, for simple structures and for remote sites, Hi-Tech Housing has experience in installing a broad range of HVAC systems, including forced air, high-velocity forced air, electric baseboard and hot-water baseboard systems and a full range of fuel-types, including electrical, natural gas, LP, and fuel-oil.

With various partners, Hi-Tech Housing can provide off-grid facilities.

Off-site construction brings inherent sustainable characteristics.  Hi-Tech Housing’s experience includes Energy Star, LEED, Green Communities and passive design in both the US and Canada.  To the best of our knowledge, HTH has delivered more LEED Platinum structures than any other company.

Hi-Tech Housing has its own cabinet shop.  While we limit the available offering of styles, woods and finishes, our offering may provide substantial savings compared to purchased cabinets.

Hi-Tech Housing is equally experienced in rural, suburban, and urban environments, including very remote and hostile locations.

The cost of delivering off-site constructed buildings usually yields diminishing returns as the building site becomes more remote from the manufacturing plant.  Hi-Tech Housing’s production facilities are located in Bristol, Indiana, which is in the north-central part of the state, near the Michigan border. Hi-Tech Housing products are therefore most competitive in the upper Midwest.  However, Hi-Tech Housing’s unique capabilities have often brought us projects with special requirements for areas with high-cost or non-existent construction labor.  As a result, Hi-Tech Housing has delivered projects as distant as northern Alberta, Texas, New Orleans and Nova Scotia.

While it is possible to transport very large modules, it is usually most cost-effective, if individual modules can be limited to 76ft in length, 15ft 9in in width and 12ft in height (which allows for a 30in high modular transport trailer).  Some structures can simply not be broken into modules with these criteria, or involve specifications that are incompatible with off-site construction.  We are always happy to provide a quick assessment of whether a particular project would benefit from off-site methods and would fall within our capabilities.  We can usually make that preliminary determination within one to two working days.