Hi-Tech Housing’s Scope of Work

Hi-Tech Housing is highly flexible with regard to its scope-of-work. Generally, the more we can assemble and install in our factory the more cost we save and the quicker you achieve occupancy. One requirement is that we must be able to safely transport our modules and pre-fabricated components from our factory to your site.

  • We can build our part of a structure to fit and connect to other parts of the structure that are built on-site.
  • We can source and install materials or we can install materials sourced and purchased by others.
  • We can accommodate specialty sub-contractors in our plant, including sprinkler contractors and supervising licensed plumbers and electricians required by some jurisdictions.
  • Notably, we can install as much of the roof system as possible in our plant or we can install all or sections of the roof on-site, which expands our repertoire to include many more complex designs avoided by other off-site specialists.
  • We install flat and both gable and hipped pitched roofs.
  • We install a broad range of wood, plastic and rubber exterior and interior moldings and trims, or can omit any of it in favor of on-site installation.
  • We install fiberglass, rock wool, cellulose, rigid and closed and open cell spray-foam insulations or omit it for on-site installation.
  • We install a wide range of building wraps, including rain-screen systems, or omit all for on-site installation.
  • We install a variety of roofing types, including metal, shingle and membrane roofs or prepare the roof for the on-site installation of roofing.
  • We install vinyl, metal, half-log, stucco and cementitious siding or can omit all or any portion of the siding to accommodate on-site stone and masonry.
  • We install any type of wood, vinyl, fiberglass, metal and composite doors and windows available in the market, or can omit for on-site installation. We are highly familiar with a full range of commercial door hardware.
  • We typically install gypsum wall board as the primary interior wall and ceiling finish, but can also install damage-resistant, pre-finished and other specialty materials and can install acoustic tile ceilings.
  • We install sheet vinyl, vinyl composite tile, carpet, ceramic tile and rubber flooring, but can also omit all or any portion of the flooring in favor of site-installation.
  • We install a wide range of case goods of our own manufacture or purchased from others.
  • We install residential and commercial kitchen and laundry appliances, and through partners can provide a complete commercial kitchen.
  • We install a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing fixtures or prepare the building for fixtures furnished and installed on-site.
  • In smaller structures, we may be able to provide a complete HVAC system.
  • We install complete electrical systems, not just the typical NM (“Romex”) wiring, but also MC and EMT as required in many commercial applications and some jurisdictions.
  • We can install most lighting fixtures in our plant or wire for site installation.
  • We can install a broad range of communications and alarm systems.
  • In the US we can install the modules (taking them to a “weather-tight” condition typically referred to as a “rough set”).

Our estimates and bids, in CSI format as noted above, contain a detailed review of the scope-of-work.