The Design Phase

Here we will consider what plans and specifications are needed for a specific project in order to (a) provide you with a non-binding estimate and suggested scope-of-work allowing you to make a preliminary judgment as to whether off-site construction by Hi-Tech Housing is economically logical, and (b) tender a bid suitable for inclusion in a binding contract. 

For a simple project involving one or more relatively small structures, it may be possible to begin our discussions with a floor plan, elevations, a generic foundation plan, rudimentary plumbing and electrical information and one or more cross-sections.  Larger and more complex projects will, of course, require more detail.

Let’s first consider design in three broad categories.

Scenario 1

We all know that multi-family and commercial designs tend to be very specific to the site and unique use.  Nevertheless, it’s possible that the designs for one of our past projects may come close to meeting your needs.  You may find a suitable design in our multi-family/commercial brochure, which you can download through the “Resources” section of this web site.  In discussing your project with a Hi-Tech Project Sales Manager, we may be able to introduce you to a design from one of our past projects.   Often such designs are protected by a confidentiality agreement with the owner, developer or architect for the project, but we might be able to get permission or introduce you to the architect.  If such pre-existing designs are a basis for discussion, but require modification for your project, we may be able to develop modified plans for a modest non-refundable fee.

Scenario 2

Another possibility is that you have a design that has been optimized for off-site construction or wish to generate a unique design that will be optimized for off-site construction.  If (a) you are an architect or designer, (b) an owner or developer who has already engaged or intend to engage an architect unfamiliar with off-site modular construction and are early in the design process, we would be delighted to provide the design team with a quick seminar on how to optimize for off-site construction.  If you are an owner or developer and have not yet selected an architect, we would be pleased to introduce you to one of the firms with which we have worked successfully.  However such a design is developed, it will have the advantage of allowing us to provide you with a very cost-effective proposal.

Scenario 3

You may already have a complete set of plans and specifications, which were not developed with an original consideration for off-site construction.  We will attempt to quickly advise you which of the following conditions applies to your design:

  • The design can be executed using off-site modular construction with little or no modification.
  • The design is amenable to off-site construction with certain adjustments to the design.  Of course, those adjustments may not be acceptable.  Common adjustments include changes in the foundation plan, adjustments to some room dimensions to accommodate transport regulations, and completion of some work on-site rather than in our factory.
  • The design is simply not amenable to off-site construction.