Why Choose Hi-Tech Housing To Build Your Next Commercial Project

  • HTH’s in-house construction means considerable savings, production efficiencies, and quality control.
  • HTH builds multi-family structures: apartments, townhomes, dormitories, hotels, up to 4 stories high.
  • HTH builds a broad range of commercial structures:  offices, classrooms, clinics, drill-site housing.
  • HTH has extensive experience with urban in-fill, both single and multi-family homes.
  • HTH has experience building for remote and hostile environments, including arctic and tropical.
  • HTH buildings meet or exceed AIA’s LEED, ENERGYSTAR®, or Green Communities certification standards.
  • HTH builds to the design and specifications you need, not on what we think you should build.
  • HTH is accustomed to consulting with and bidding on plans developed by architects and engineers.
  • HTH’s bids and contracts follow the familiar Construction Specifications Institute MasterFormat®.
  • HTH’s system accommodates sprinkler systems and complex fire assemblies.
  • HTH has extensive experience with NM, MC and EMT electrical wiring and cabling.
  • HTH’s experienced set crew installs modules most anywhere in the United States.
  • HTH provides a comprehensive warranty program that guarantees satisfaction.
  • HTH’s state-of the-art facility provides a clean, modern and protected environment in which to build.
  • HTH’s skilled staff takes pride in their construction quality and their high level of customer service.
  • HTH’s guiding core value for over 20 years has been:  Quality without Compromise!

From our front door receptionist to the back door shipping crew, HTH’s family driven philosophy creates the kind of “can do” working environment that nurtures openness and trust. It all begins with listening to you, the customer.