The Homebuyer-Builder-Manufacturer Relationship

Although Hi-Tech Housing serves as a source of information, it is important to understand that Hi-Tech Housing will be acting as a sub-contractor to the local builder of your choice who will complete all of the on-site work for your new home.  We use the label “builder” in a generic sense, since this firm might also style itself as a “general contractor,” “dealer” or, if they also develop home-sites, as a “developer.”  The builder will buy the prefabricated home from us and in some cases buy installation services from us.  You will find a thorough explanation of this type of relationship under the topic “Finding a Builder.”

The Dreaming and Research Phase

Building a home will probably be among the largest investments you make in your entire life.  It will also be among the most complicated processes you encounter outside of...» Read more on The Dreaming and Research Phase

The Home Design Phase

In order to establish an estimated cost for your dream home, and to determine whether it fits within your budget, you will need to decide upon a design. While you...» Read more on The Home Design Phase

Home Specifications

Hand-in-hand with the graphical design are the specifications, often referred to in short-hand as “specs.”  These are written descriptions of the materials and equipment to be used...» Read more on Home Specifications

How to Read Specifications

Writing and reading specifications is like a language.  You need to know the vocabulary (the words) and the rules for combining words into sentences and paragraphs.  Most companies...» Read more on How to Read Specifications

Hi-Tech Housing’s Standard Specifications

Just as we have pre-engineered designs, we have developed several groupings of specifications.  We base them on our understanding of common tastes and preferences and popularity as wells as...» Read more on Hi-Tech Housing’s Standard Specifications


We are known everywhere for our flexibility and custom capability.  Our ability to provide options to the materials and methods described in our standard specification levels is almost too...» Read more on Options

The Contracting Phase

Eventually, possibly after considering many alternatives, you and your builder will arrive at an agreeable combination of design, specifications and cost.  Then, before actual work can proceed, you will...» Read more on The Contracting Phase

The Procurement and Production Phase

Much is happening simultaneously after the contract is signed.  We’re buying materials and starting to build your home in our factory.  Meanwhile your builder is preparing...» Read more on The Procurement and Production Phase

Installation and Completion Phase

After we have finished building your home in our factory and your home has been inspected, we deliver it to your site where it is installed on the foundation and...» Read more on Installation and Completion Phase

After You Move In

What about things that need to be fixed after you move in?  If we think of a home as a very large piece of equipment, we can recognize that...» Read more on After You Move In

A final word

Our motto, which states the very core of our beliefs, is “Quality without Compromise.”  We sincerely want you to be satisfied with our products, since our greatest...» Read more on A final word