Why Choose Hi-Tech Housing to Build the Home of Your Dreams

Simply stated, your Hi-Tech Housing factory-built home will be built better and cost less money than a home built out doors. Think about it. Homes built in the controlled-environment of a factory are sheltered from extremes of weather that can cause materials to twist, swell, warp and mildew. This means you end up with a tighter, more-energy-efficient home and better indoor air quality. In addition, the construction process proceeds more efficiently. It produces less waste and uses less energy, making it the all-around greener choice.

  • HTH has been building homes, from the simple to the complex, for over 20 years.
  • HTH maintains an excellent working relationship with a broad network of builders.
  • HTH partners and works closely with its builders to exceed customer expectations.
  • HTH has over 200 standard floor plans from which to choose, upgrade and customize.
  • HTH offers a surprising range of customizable upgrades and options.
  • HTH custom builds to the needs and wants of the home buyer.
  • HTH is an Energy-Star rated home builder with a strong record of compliance and achievement.
  • HTH is a leader in LEED construction, both in the United States and Canada.
  • HTH provides a comprehensive warranty program that guarantees home buyer satisfaction.
  • HTH’s state-of the-art facility provides a clean, modern and protected environment in which to build.
  • HTH’s skilled staff takes pride in their construction quality and their high level of customer service.
  • HTH’s guiding core value for over 20 years has been:  Quality without Compromise!

From our front door receptionist to the back door shipping crew, HTH’s family driven philosophy creates the kind of “can do” working environment that nurtures openness and trust.
It all begins with listening to you, the customer.